Busy with nothin’

Posted: March 19, 2008 in Bakwaas, Life


After a very very long time, I am writin’ somethin’…n if u ask me wat was i doin till date that i could find no time to blog…i’ll just say “I was busy with nothin’ ” You must be jokin…you will ask me this…but thats a fact. Now there are two ways to say that you are extremely busy. One is to simple say that hey mon i am busy. doesn it sound too harsh…okie okie…remove this word “too”…still harsh stays

One way is to say simply that i was busy with nothin’ n then there is a room for guess work…wat is thin nothin’…think think think…neways even i don know coz every day i reach home well in time…n after reachin home…there is nothin i feel like doin…just lie down n keep dozin but with open eyes…call someone with a tirin voice…u feel like talkin a lot n lot but ur lips dont listen 2 ur heart…

newayz i think thats a looooooong description for not wriin for a loooong time…i don know how i am writin now also…just typin without applyin my mind coz there is nothin’ up there…here comes nothin’ again 😉 so now u know wat i was busy with

I think i should make a promise to myself to write often…now this “often” gives a bit of leeway which i’ll need 🙂 njoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


Writing something after a long time…was too…threeee etc etc busy in something or the other…u can guess where n why i was busy…but no prizes for guessing it right…so just chill…this is how m feeling…sharing it with u all 🙂


Ek Shaam

आज् फिर् शाम् ने दस्तक् दी है

इस् मौसम् मे कुछ् कसक् सी है

बहक् जाये आज् दिल् की तमन्ना है

के मेह्सूस् हो रही कुछ् सनक् सी है


ये कैसा सुरूर् है जो छाया है

किसी ने चुप्के से हुमे पास् बुलाया है

देख् कर् जिसे खिल् उठी है धड़्कन्

ऐसा ही कुछ् दस्तूर् आज् शाम् ने बनाया है


वो चाँद् कि चाँदनी हुमे मिल् गयी है

वो राग् की रागिनी हमे मिळ् गयी है

जिस् शाम् के लिये भटक्ते फ़िर् रहे ते इधर् उधर्

वो शाम् बन् के शब्नम् खिल् गयी है


देख् कर् ये नज़ारा अऱ्मान् जाग् गये हैं

हम् भी इन् नज़ारों का सबब् जान् गये हैं

जो कभी खयालों में बसर् कऱ्ता था हमारे

आज् हम् उस्को पह्चान् गये हैं ः)

खुदा हमे ऐसी…

Posted: September 16, 2007 in Life, Shayari, Thought

Was watching Laughter Challenge and Shekhar told a few lines of a gazal and u know it was amazing…I googled it n got a few more lines which m sharing with u…’ll try to find out if there is more to it 🙂

E Khuda

खुदा हमे ऐसी खुदाई न दे
कि अपने सिवा कुछ दिखाई न दे

खातावार समझेगी दुनिया तुझे
अब इतनी ज्यादा सफ़ाई न दे

हंसू आज इतना की इस शोर में
सददा सिस्किओं की सुनाई न दे

गुलामी को बरकत समझने लगें
फकीरों को ऐसी रिहाई न दे

अभी तो बदन में लहू है बहुत
कलम छीन ले रोशनाए न दे

नही चाहिए ऐसी जन्नत मुझे
जहाँ से मदीना दिखायी न दे

मुझे अपनी चादर में यूं ढांप लो,
के ज़मीन आसमान कुछ दिखाई न दे

खुदा ऐसे एहसास का नाम है
रहे सामने और दिखाई न दे

Njoyyyyyyyyy n lemme know if you r aware of this gazal 🙂

Our dear paggy darlin’

Posted: September 4, 2007 in Celebrations, Friends, Life

Here comes d most awaited pics “Engagement of our paggy darlin’…” chora jaldi hi sooli pe chadne waala hai 😉 give you wishes soon to avoid rush…hehe

My heartiest congratulations to Priyanka…Chakk ke fatte 🙂


Harry Potter n Deathly Hallows

I just finished reading the book n I really hope that I have written the name in the title correctly…amen… I know its kinda late but I couldnt get time earlier. I got the book three days back and then read it in three days while travelling in the train from home to office n then those sleepless nights…its tough u c…u cant control ur emotions…ur feelings till u have finished the book…n now when i have read it…m ready to comment on it…

A lovely book…nice to read…chill to feel…fearful to hear n crispy to chew 😉 In nutshell i must say it can give u all the feelings at the same time…I don’t care about magic n all…I have got something more out of this book and that is wat really matters.

After reading this book, I feel elated…n if u ask me y…its just one thing…this book has given me courage…its all bout courage…love…affection…friendship…belonging etc etc…u can think of more similar words…m nt opening up a dictionary now…d point is i wanted to make a point n now that point which i wanted to point out is just standing pointed towards u…oh m confused…wat have i written…neways…ho gaya…jaane do ab (or in punjabi u say…jaan do hun…edi kedi gal hai) 😉

Cool man

Nothin’ much to say…just read the book n don feel its some magical fiction…u can feel that way if u like it…just read it to get motivated…to fight for life…to die for life…its all philosophical but u kno philosophy has some deep meaning too…don worry i wont explain d meanin’…so u can chill n njoyyy ur life….

Hey I forgot to mention one thing…when i was reading the book…side by side i was doing my office work n doing some porter’s five forces analysis n u can feel wat happened…wat i wrote everywhere was not porter five forces but potter five forces…wat a beauty 😉


Happy Independence day

Posted: August 15, 2007 in Celebrations

Happy Independence day

Hey all you people out there…wishin u all a very very happy waala Independence day….njoyyy d day

Happy fur n sheep day

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Happy Fur n sheep day

All my deeeaaaal deeeeaaaal friends…Happy fur n sheep day…njoyyyyyyyyy a lhot

I bhish zoo ghet all bhat u bhant from zoor life

This is a wish for all my friends
u get everything…all new trends
may ur life is so damn cool
no body can ever play fool

May ur life is full of happiness
with all good things god may bless
may u always live in state of bliss
u live long…this is my sincere wish